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Middle Eastern Restaurants

You’ll find many different nationalities and types of food within our collection of Middle Eastern restaurants that offer private dining or cater for private events.

Some of the most popular include Lebanese Restaurants, Persian Restaurants, and Iranian Restaurants, but you’ll also find Greek, Arabic, Assyrian, Armenian, Kurdish, Greek /Cypriot, Azerbaijani and Turkish restaurants, or venues that serve a mixture of middle eastern food.

Favourite dishes amongst middle eastern cuisine include hummus, falafel, tahini, tabouleh, and Foul Mudammes which is a blend of fava beans (certainly one of Dr Lecter’s favourites!).

Baklava is one of the most popular desserts, along with the well known Turkish Delight made from sugar and cornstarch.

Turkish Coffee is also very popular and commonly found in Lebanese and commonly found in Lebanese Restaurants, Persian Restaurants, and other Middle Eastern food and drink establishments.

Book a Persian, Iranian, or Middle Eastern Restaurant for your Event
Whether you’re looking to hold a business conference or find a romantic space to enjoy private dining for two, our Middle Eastern restaurants are a great choice.

All our venues have experience and offer some spectacular spaces for hosting events of all sizes, often with special menus suitable for different occasions.

Add your favourite Iranian/Persian/Greek/Arabic/Kurdish restaurants to your enquiry list, or choose restaurants that serve a mixture of these cuisines. You can then use The PDD’s time-saving multi-enquiry form to send a message to all of them at once. Alternatively, use the contact details on individual pages to contact specific restaurants.

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