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Restaurants with Outside/Outdoor Dining Spaces/Al Fresco Dining

Restaurants with outdoor dining spaces are perfect for summer events like parties, private functions or quite simple if you fancy dining outside!

Outdoor dining and event spaces are also useful if you’re planning something more than just a dinner. For example, if you’re organising your wedding day, it might be nice to hold the ceremony part outside.

We have a whole wedding restaurants section with ceremony venues, reception venues, even engagement venues with many offering outdoor dining.

Many restaurants offer outdoor dining in the summer, often in front of the restaurant.

However several outdoor restaurants in this category offer extensive grounds with formal gardens, others offer a rooftop terraces, or private settings, such as internal gardens, making them beautiful places to hold outside dining events or outside receptions.

Either way, guests always appreciate an outside space, whether it’s for outdoor dining or just relaxing and fresh air.

Search through the collection to find terrace dining, garden rooms and other outdoor dining restaurants or outside event spaces near you.

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