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How Much Does it Cost to List my Venue?
You can join on either a commission basis or fixed fee. If you are a charity or educational organisation you can join free. Please get in touch to discuss.

How Do I add my Venue?
You will need to fill in a quick form with details and images for your venue.
Follow this link to: Start Creating Your Advert

What if my venue is already listed on
If your venue is already listed and you don’t have access to login details please get in touch through the Contact Page

How do I sync my bookings and calendar on
We offer iCal support and integration. You can import any calendar software that allows importing/exporting dates in ics/iCal format. You can also export your PDD bookings in ics/iCal format to your software.

You can import/export bookings for each venue/private room from your listings page

How do I edit my venue details, update, change pictures or advertise special offers?
Once your advert is live you can update and edit your advert whenever you want from your live listings dashboard: Click to Access Dashboard

Click the ‘Edit’ button next to your listing to edit the details.

How do I stop bookings or close/remove my listing?
You will need to fill in the form here: Venue Removal Request

Do I need to offer a private dining room at my venue to be listed?
No. Many venues offer exclusive hire of their entire venue or can cordon off specific sections for private events.
If you can accommodate a private function in any way, your venue should be listed. If you have any concerns feel free to contact us.

How Do I Stop Taking Bookings?
Just let us know through the following page and we can mark your venue as unavailable:

How Do I Pay to list My Venue?
Packages to list your venue(s) are based on a fixed fee annual charge, or a commission rate.

We take fixed fee payments through Direct Debit with our payment processor GoCardless. We use Direct Debit because it is simple, convenient and safe, however, if you need an alternative method just let us know.

The final stage of your venue listing process will take you to the payment page.
As soon as payment has been processed we will review your listing and your advert will go live on the website.

If you have joined on a commission package, the sum is taken as a deposit or part there-of when a booking is confirmed.

Can I upgrade to a Featured Advert?
You can upgrade to a featured advert whenever you wish. We recommend upgrading as soon as possible to allow your advert to have more time in the Featured areas around the website. If you want to upgrade just let us know through the Contact Form

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Bookings Faq

Booking Status Explained
Approved – Booking has been approved by the venue owner. No reservation deposit fee is needed. Ensure reservation is recorded.
ApprovedUnpaid – Booking has been approved by the venue owner, but customer has not paid securing deposit yet.
ApprovedPaid – Booking has been approved by the venue owner and customer has paid securing deposit. Ensure reservation is recorded.
ApprovedPaid – Booking was approved by the venue owner but customer failed to pay securing deposit on time. Customer must send another booking request.
Cancelled – Booking has been cancelled.

Customer needs to change booking numbers?
As booking numbers directly affect reservation fees, please ask the customer to send another booking request with the correct number of customers. Remember to cancel the previous booking by using the cancel button in your Bookings Dashboard

Have another question?
Please ask us here: Contact The PDD

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