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Kids Restaurants & Party Venues - Perfect for Birthdays!

Take the hassle out of finding and booking a kids restaurant or catered children’s party venue with The Private Dining Directory!

We’ve gathered the best kids birthday restaurants and party venues from throughout the UK and put them in one place so you easily compare and find and book the perfect one for your child’s birthday party in minutes!

Planning a kids birthday party doesn’t have to be heavy on your wallet or the headache you might imagine.

The special birthday restaurants party venues below are all child friendly and specialise in holding kids’ parties. Whether it’s a birthday for an 8 year old, 10 year old, or anything in between, you’ll find kids restaurants perfect for birthdays, that relieve you of the duty of catering!

Many of these kids party venues are located in private rooms in Restaurants, and all of the venues include catering, so whether it’s just nibbles and birthday cake, or something more serious you’ll find the birthday venue for you, and you won’t need to worry about cleaning up afterwards!

Choosing the Right Birthday Party Place for your Child

Think about whether you wish to do any activities before, after or during the child’s party. While all of the restaurants and venues below are fantastic places to hold kids birthday parties, think about whether you want to include any other activities or sports into the day, such as bowling, laser tag/quest, or a trip to the swimming pool.

The venues below are suitable for most ages from 5, 6,7 and 8 year old birthdays, to 10, 11, and 12 year old birthdays. Always discuss the ages of children that will be coming to the party with the birthday venue.

What type of catering do you require? Many catered children’s’ birthday venues also offer a special party or group dining menu for kids’ birthdays, along with catering for adults which is very useful if parents are attending.

For slightly older children, you may find our collection of 13 Year Old Birthday Party Places useful.

Book in advance, several months if possible, and make sure your child’s best friend is available on that date before you do!

How many guests/friends? Some say matching the child’s age to the number of guests is a good starting point. For example 10 kids for a 10th Birthday Party. Think about the activities you are hoping to do and whether they will be possible with the number of guests. You need to decide (at least roughly) on the number of guests before booking a kids birthday restaurant venue.

If possible call parents a week or two prior to the kids’ birthday party to confirm attendance and avoid disappointment!

Make sure your child’s friends and guests leave feeling special with a goody bag in hand!

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