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Kosher Restaurants

Restaurants serving kosher food which can accommodate private dining, private functions, social parties and business events.

What is a Kosher Restaurant?

A kosher restaurant is a food establishment serving kosher food. Kosher is Hebrew for ‘fit’ or ‘appropriate’ and describes the food that is suitable for those of Jewish religion to eat.

There are three categories of Kosher food, dairy, meat and pareve (food that is neither meat nor dairy). Dairy foods and meat are never mixed, however, food classified as pareve can be mixed with either.

Why choose a Kosher Restaurant for your event?
If you’re holding a Jewish holiday, festival or religious celebration then clearly a Kosher Restaurant is a prerequisite. However, even if it’s not a religious event, but Jewish guests may be present, then choosing a kosher restaurant is the best way forward.

The Private Dining Directory makes it easy to find Kosher restaurants suitable for your event. Simply browse through the collection below or refine your options with the search box.

If you’re looking for other types of restaurant you may find the Halal Restaurants useful for Islamic events, or you can find Italian Restaurants, Indian Restaurants and much more.

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