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Halal Restaurants

Halal Restaurants are a popular choice for group dining where dietary requirements are present, but particularly for Islamic cultural and religious events.

All of the Halal Restaurants below can cater for these type of events, offering private dining rooms, spaces, or exclusive restaurant hire. They can also accommodate seating in the main restaurant when a private space is not required.

What is a Halal Restaurant and Halal Food

A halal restaurant is a venue that serves food that’s been sourced and produced in accordance with Islamic law and the Qur’an (or Koran). There are rules that govern the type of food, whether it’s animals, vegetables, or anything else, the way it is produced, and the way it is prepared for eating. There are also certain types of food including pork, blood and carrion which are not allowed.

The word Halal means ‘permissible’ in Arabic and anything that is not permissible is labelled haram.

Although sometimes confused with, it’s completely different to Kosher Restaurants which adhere to Jewish dietary law.

Browse through the collection of Halal Restaurants below and add your favourite one to your shortlist/enquiry basket, then enquire at the end of your search. Alternatively, you’ll find the details to contact each halal restaurant on their individual restaurant pages.

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