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Gluten Free Restaurants

In this category, you’ll find Restaurants and venues offering gluten-free food/menus. These are often a necessity for those who suffer from non-celiac gluten sensitivity and wheat allergies or have other dietary requirements.

The number of gluten-free restaurants is on the rise. While many restaurants might offer a gluten free menu alongside their others, some of these restaurants specialise in producing gluten-free foods specifically, and it’s not just restaurants.

There are many places online now where you can purchase gluten free foods, and find gluten free equivalents of food such as cakes and pasta.

Do you Need a Restaurant with Gluten Free Menus?
If you’re in charge of organising a private event where food is required, you need to know whether there are any special dietary requirements among the guests.

Wheat/gluten intolerances are not uncommon, and in the collection, on this page you’ll find all the restaurants that can accommodate this requirement. There are a number of other dietary requirements that you may need to bear in mind, if you’re in charge of organising the event.

With that in mind, on the Private Dining Directory, we’ve created the following restaurant collections for you, which offer specific cuisine/food menus to match dietray requirements: Vegetarian Restaurants, Vegan Restaurants, Kosher Restaurants and Halal Restaurants

If you’re only looking for gluten free restaurants then browse through the collection and add your favourites to your shortlist/enquiry basket, or use the details on each restaurant’s page to contact the venue.

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