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What is Private Dining?

The act of private dining is an increasingly popular way to eat out, or celebrate an event. It has been very popular in other countries for some time, but, what exactly is private dining?

Well, many restaurants and venues have private spaces within their establishment that allow you to dine privately from the rest of the restaurant, with only the guests you have invited.

Often you can tailor these private dining rooms or event spaces to your design and needs, depending on the occasion, from cuisine to the room decoration.

This makes private dining an ideal way to celebrate an occasion or hold an event, for business or pleasure.

What are the benefits of private dining?note-1235694_640
The customising that private dining allows, unlike a regular meal in a Restaurant, means you can create incredibly unique experiences in some of the the most iconic and sought after venues in the UK, whilst tailoring the facilities to your needs.

For social occasions like a birthday party you can often create a bespoke birthday menu to your taste and budget, decorate the room with balloons, pictures, and create a party atmosphere. You can even hire in live entertainment like a music band, or a magician.

If it’s a corporate occasion you can find private dining spaces with multimedia facilities, such as a projector or other audio visual equipment.

What Sort of Events Suit Private Dining?
Anything where privacy or a custom setting is required, or really any occasion where you just want to try something a little different. The venues on range from spaces for couples to huge banqueting halls for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of guests.

Here’s just a few of the most popular events people book private dining for:
Engagement parties, proposals or romantic meals for two.
Wedding Dinners/Breakfasts
Corporate Meetings
Banqueting Events
Business Conferences
Club Meetings
School, College, University Get-Togethers.
And many other social and corporate events.

So what is

The Private Dining Directory ( uniquely catalogues the best venues and restaurants in the UK that facilitate private dining and puts them all in one place. We then give you the tools and allow you to search and match your requirements, and discover the most amazing private dining spaces in the UK.

We also work with venues to bring you exclusive private dining deals so you can enjoy some unforgettable, unique experiences in some of the UK’s top eating establishments!

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