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Restaurants with Banquet Rooms for Dining Banquettes

Restaurants with banquet rooms can be the perfect choice for dining banquettes and events, combining food and venue in one.

Although the name sounds grand, and the title ‘banquet’ might suggest a very large event, on the Private Dining Directory we have banquet rooms and halls for every size event from 5 guests to several thousand.

Picking the best Restaurant Banquet Room for you?

To make things easier we’ve split banquetting into two sections; Restaurant Banquet Rooms (for smaller events) and Banquet Halls for larger events.

It’s worth considering whether you definitely need a banquet room or hall. All of the venues and restaurants listed on Private Dining Directory offer private rooms, or exclusive venue use that may suit your purpose just as well.

Afterall, there is often very little difference between a restaurant banquet room and other private dining spaces within a restaurant, often it just comes down to labelling.

Therefore, find it easier to browse through venues by region, rather than venue type, so you can see everything that’s available in a particular city, and find the perfect choice for you.

Search for restaurant banquet rooms near you using the selection below, or use the search tool to refine your selection by size, region or any other requirements.

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