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North American Restaurants

North American Restaurants and venues serving North American cuisine/food with private dining or private spaces for social events, corporate functions, celebrations, parties or family gatherings!

North American food comprises of dishes from the US, Canada, and Central America; Mexico and Caribbean dishes. There are many different food types and several subdivisions of food and restaurant within North American cuisine including ‘Tex-Mex’ and Mexi-Cali adding to the huge diversity of North American restaurants.

Often North American restaurants will be labelled simply as American restaurants, but there is a big difference between North and South American Restaurants. Even within just the North, there is a huge variation in food taste and design.

You’ll find the best American restaurants offering private dining, or private spaces on their premises perfect for social and corporate events, group dining, or any occasion where a gathering with food or drink is required.

Browse through the collection below to find American restaurants near you, or refine the collection using the tools on this page.

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