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Pubs with Function Rooms

Pubs with function rooms, private dining rooms, or private spaces perfect for social or corporate events, and group gatherings where food or drink is required.

You’ll find a variety of pubs with private dining rooms for events where a sit-down dinner or discussion with drinks is required, such as a birthday celebration, or a business meeting.

There are also pubs with function rooms or private spaces which are suitable for presentations, drink receptions, gatherings and other events where a meeting point and drinks may be required.

Why choose a Pub Function Room or Private Room in a Pub for your Event?
Pubs with function rooms are a convenient choice for many types of event as they are quick and easy to book, and often do not have a hire fee.

You can be guaranteed to have access to drinks, and many pubs serve award-winning cuisine too. Many of the private dining spaces and function rooms in the pubs below offer warm, welcoming and friendly atmospheres in traditional British pub settings, however, you’ll also find more modern bars and pubs, and quirkier settings if you’re looking for something a bit different.

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