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South American Restaurants

South American and Latin American restaurants are increasingly popular, offering a diverse selection of dishes from central and Southern American regions. It’s important not to confuse the cuisine with Southern US food, however, there are crossovers of styles and dishes particularly where the continents merge (such as Tex-Mex).

South American restaurants take inspiration from all across the world, and many countries in South America offer their own take on the cuisine, several of which have grown very popular in their own right.

Brazilian restaurants and food (regarded as Latin American) continues to grow popularity, and the rise in Brazilian restaurants can be seen on an international scale.

South American restaurants serve food that should appeal to everybody, carnivores and vegetarians alike with a range of meat dishes (pig is one of the most popular for the climate), and vegetable, lentil and bean dishes, even in desserts like sweet potato pie.

It is from this region that soul food, particularly fried chicken, which is one of the region’s best-known exports.

South American restaurants are renown for serving full breakfasts (influenced by the famous English Breakfast) making them a great place for breakfast events.

You’ll also find Pit barbecues in many South American/Latin Restaurants.

Find South American restaurants near you that can accomodate group dining or offer exclusive use of a private dining room or space.

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